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Jordan Smith
November 22

Rockets vs. Mavericks preview

Chandler Parsons was a fan favorite in Houston before heading up north to Dallas

By: Jordan Smith

This match up between the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks is a game that will help determine the leader in the Southwest division for a little while. The Rockets (9-3) go up against a Dallas Mavericks team (10-3) that is coming off of a huge win against the LA Lakers. But, then again, who hasn't put an absolute embarrassment on the Lakers.

The Rockets are a surprise team right now. No one, not even myself, expected the Rockets to have as fast of a start as they have. Yes, they have lost the last 2 games in a row, with one being against the Lakers. But, they only lost by 6 points. So, it's not like the Rockets are slumping and being beaten by a huge margin. Look for Kostas Papanikolaou to have a good game, especially from 3-Point range.

I fully expect for this to be a close, high scoring, tough fought game. But, the Rockets will come out on top and gain a 1/2 of a game on the Dallas Mavericks in the standings.

Final Score Prediction: Rockets 112- Mavericks 100

November 5

Texans have new starting QB

Ryan Mallett has learned from Tom Brady. How much did he bring to Houston from his days of holding the clipboard underneath Mr. Patriot?

By: Jordan Smith

On November 5th, 2014, the Houston Texans made a move right before the players got off for their required bye week. The Houston Texans finally have put their "Bearded Wonder" in Ryan Fitzpatrick on the aluminum pine as Ryan Mallett has been named the new Texans starter.

Ryan Mallett was acquired by the Houston Texans via trade with the New England Patriots in exchange for a conditional 6th round pick. Here's what Fitzpatrick had to say about the move via"I didn't like it," Fitzpatrick said of the change. "I don't really agree with it, but I respect the h*** out of Coach O'Brien. It's a hard thing, especially with me at this point in my career, to have to sit and take a back seat. But in talking with him and him redefining my role and what he expects out of me now, I'm going to play the good soldier and go into that role." (

Before Ryan Mallett came to Houston, he was a clipboard holder for the New England Patriots from the time he got drafted to the team. He only has gameplay experience in the preseason and his college days. So, this will be a new world for Mallett that he's stepping into. We will just have to see what this quarterback can do in his first career start against the Cleveland Browns in Week 11. Comment below and answer the poll on what you think about this situation. Also don't forget to follow my blog! Check out my other blog, Disney Vacation Insider!

November 4

Keuchel wins a first in Astros' History

Keuchel wins first ever Gold Glove won by an Astros' Pitcher

By: Jordan Smith

Dallas Keuchel did something on November 4th that no Astro Pitcher has ever done before in the history of the franchise. Yes, that includes their years as the Colt 45's. Dallas Keuchel won the AL Gold Glove Award. He is the first ever Astros pitcher to win the prestigious award. Not even Nolan Ryan or J.R. Richard did it when they were here. If you want more recent names of Astros pitchers that didn't ever win the Gold Glove as an Astros pitcher, then here's 3. Rodger Clemens, Andy Pettite, Roy Oswalt. Not a single one of those guys won the Gold Glove while in the Astros uniform.

Keuchel only had one error the entire season and ended with a .985 fielding percentage, which was 6th in the AL Pitcher category. He is the 8th Astro to win the award, but the 1st pitcher to win the award. The other 7 Astros who won the award before are Craig Biggio (4 times) , Jeff Bagwell, Brad Ausmus (3 times), Michael Bourn (2 times), Cesar Cedeno (5 times), Doug Rader (5 times), and Roger Metzger.

November 1

Houston wins Home Opener in big style

The Rockets are looking to have a better campaign this year than last season

By: Jordan Smith

The Houston Rockets played their Home Opener on Saturday as the undefeated Red Nation faced an undefeated team in the Boston Celtics. Patrick Beverly and Clint Capela were both inactive. Because Beverly was inactive, Isaiah Canaan, one of my favorite Rockets, got his first start of his career.

1st Quarter

Terrence Jones scores the first points in Toyota Center for the 2014-2015 Regular Season by putting up a lay-up down on the post. He also made the first 2 free throws of the Regular Season in the Toyota Center. Even better, Dwight Howard made his first two free throws inside Toyota Center... in a row. For Dwight, that has to be big to start off your first home game of the season by making both of your free throws. James Harden did his usual crossover and got an easy lay-up. He completely crossed up his defender and made it look so easy in the process.

Jones showed his ability to play in the game and make an impact. He had 2 put backs in the first 5 minutes of the game and played some great defense as well. Ariza showed his speed by blazing by a few of his defenders to make his lay-up early in the game. Isaiah Canaan showed that he can play as a starter at the PG spot. One of the big things he did in the first quarter was not only passing the ball around to his teammates efficiently, but also by showing his range as he knocked down a 3 from the corner in his first career start.

The Rockets in the first quarter showed a great way to play basketball, both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The team was also very poised at the free throw line, going 10-10 in the quarter. Terrence Jones was the obvious impact player of the first quarter, not only playing 10:22 out of the 12 minutes in the quarter, but also showing it with this amazing stat line; 5-7 FG (71.4%) , 12 points, 3 Rebounds (2 offensive), and 2-2 from the free throw line. The score after the first quarter:

Score after 1st Quarter





2nd Quarter

In the 2nd, it was basically the same play as the first quarter. There was the same great output on the offensive and defensive side of the ball for the Houston Rockets. Kostas Papanikolaou stepped up big with his defensive, forcing a turnover that would turn into a three made by Isaiah Canaan on an assist by James Harden. The impact player of the 2nd quarter, in my opinion, has to be once again Terrence Jones. His impact so far in the game has been huge as far as the reason why the Rockets got such a huge lead to end the first half.

Score after 2nd Quarter





3rd Quarter

Isaiah Canaan hit a three to start the 2nd half without missing a beat. The Rockets in the 3rd let the Celtics get a little bit closer in the game, as far as the score goes. But, the Rockets still had the advantage in three major categories: Rebounding, Free Throws, and 3-Point %. KP stole the ball late in the 3rd quarter and ran it to the other side of the court to then give it to Harden and gain the assist after "The Bearded Wonder" drained the three ball. It was a well executed fast break that the Rockets are one of the best in the league in doing. My impact player: guess who? Terrence Jones.

Score after 3rd Quarter





4th Quarter

In the final 12 minutes of play, the Rockets just completely separated themselves from the men in green and took the game for themselves to enjoy. The Rockets should be proud of the way they played in the game because of the efficiency and perfection of the game plan coming together and working in harmony. Not much else to say but Terrence Jones is the impact player in the 4th quarter.

Final Score





Post-Game Recap

The Rockets did a great job on displaying how to play defense the right and efficient way as a team tonight. But, one player in particular caught my eye, and probably everyone else's in the city of Houston. So, without a further ado, my vote for the HSB Player of the Game has to go to, without a doubt, Terrence Jones, who grabbed a double double tonight with 25 points and 10 rebounds in the game and also grabbing 4 blocks in the game. Houston now improves to 3-0 on the season as they beat the Boston Celtics by 14. Next up is in Philidelphia as they take on the 76ers on November 3rd as Red Nation looks to go to 4-0 on the season. Great Job tonight, Houston! Don't forget to leave a comment about the game or what you think about the Rockets team and how they are built this season. Thanks for Reading.

October 29

2,000 Strong

Houston Sports Beat Primary Logo

By: Jordan Smith

Houston Sports Beat has reached their next pinnacle. On day 165, just 55 days after HSB reached 1,000 Unique Visitors since the creation of the blog, HSB has now reached the 2,000 Club. Today, October 29th, 2014, Houston Sports Beat reached its' 2,000 Unique Visitor since the creation of the blog on May 17th, 2014. "This is a momentous day for us today", commented Houston Sports Beat's writer Jordan Smith. "After we got to 1,000, we were only looking to the next mark at 2,000 Uniques. It means the world to us that we were able to accomplish what we have so far in the first 6 months of blogging."

2,000 Unique Visitors for Houston Sports Beat in 165 days

Houston Sports Beat would like to Thank everyone for their continued support for this Sports Blog. None of this would be possibe without your help. You, the reader, are the reason this blog is not only as successful as it has been these first 165 days, but also the reason why we are still continuing to make stories and create a reader-friendly platform to please all kinds of reading styles. Thank You readers for all of your support.

Welcome to Our Hall of Fame.

October 28

2014-2015 Houston Rockets Season Preview

The Rockets are an up-and-coming team that will win a championship within the next 4 years

By: Jordan Smith

With the Houston Rockets opening the NBA season tonight in LA against the Lakers, it got me thinking. What are we exactly gonna see from the new look Rockets this season? So, to accommodate that answer, here's my Houston Rockets 2014-2015 Season Preview.

Star Talent

The amount of Star Talent on this team has only gone down since the end of the Rockets' playoff run. The team lost Chandler Parsons to the Dallas Mavericks after the Rockets decided to not match the offer sheet from Dallas for the emerging star. Also, Jeremy Lin was traded to the Lakers to make room to afford Parsons and Bosh. But now, neither player is on the team.

Grade: B-/C+

Veteran Leadership

The positive to the offseason is that the amount of experience and veteran leadership has risen dramatically. This is due to the Rockets trading for Jason Terry and signing Trevor Ariza in the off-season while also re-signing Francisco Garcia to the team. These veteran figures in the locker room will not only help out players like Isaiah Canaan and Tarik Black with their development on this squad.

Grade: B+

Overall Talent

The team as a whole is a nice mix of old and new. With James Harden and Dwight Howard leading the team at their young ages and the mix of veteran experience with Jason Terry and Trevor Ariza, it's a nice mix that also blends in with players like Francisco Garcia, Patrick Beverly, Isaiah Canaan, and Terrence Jones just to name a few. I'm really interested to see this squad come together to see what kind of team the Rockets have this season and where this squad can go in a tough Western Conference.

Grade: A-

My Prediction

What do I think the Houston Rockets are going to do in the 2014-2015 Season? My prediction is that the Rockets will once again go to the playoffs and reach the second round of the playoffs with ease.

Record: 50-32, Playoff Berth

October 26

Houston Astros 2014 Season Review

The 2014 Astros surprised alot by winning 19 more games than in 2013

By: Jordan Smith

I know this is really late. But, here you go. Here's your 2014 Houston Astros Season Review.

The Houston Astros ended their 2014 season with a loss to the New York Mets on September 28th by a final of 3-8. But, the Houston Astros, in my opinion had a pretty successful 2014 campaign. The Houston Astros finished their season of new beginnings with a 70-92 record. The last time the Astros won 70 games was in the 2010 season when they won 76-86. I had predicted for the Astros to go 81-81 this season and reach the playoffs with a wild card spot. Maybe the playoffs were a stretch, but the record speaks for itself. The Houston Astros, with a 70-92 record in 2014, surpassed their record from the 2013 campaign by 18 games. But, that wasn't the only thing improving with the organization.

This season had alot of new beginnings for the young ball club. For example, George Springer and Jon Singleton, 2 of the Astros highest rated prospects in the minor leagues, mad their MLB Debuts. George Springer appeared in 78 games for the Astros before being shut down for the year due to injury. Jon Singleton appeared in 95 games for the Astros. Both of their stats are below.

Rookie Stats

Stat Categories

George Springer

Jon Singleton


.231 (68/295)

.168 (52/310)














.336/ .468/ .804

.285/ .335/ .620

Now, below is a video of some of the top moments of the Houston Astros' 2014 campaign. Let's take a look.

So, my final grade for the Astros this season:


I fully expect the Houston Astros of 2015 to make the playoffs and become the Royals of Baseball.

October 26

There's a first for everything

The reader is always #1 in our opinion

By: Jordan Smith & Houston Sports Beat

For the first time in Houston Sports Beat's 6-Month History, a post produced by HSB's writer, Jordan Smith, has reached 200 Unique Visitors. We would like to Thank everyone for not only coming to the blog and supporting our work, but also spreading the word and continuing to come back to our blog. Our readers are #1 Priority on our objective list. So, when Historic events like this happen for us, we are estatic because you are the reason why this is all possible. So, once again, we say Thank You for your continued support and we would just like to say, "Welcome to Our Family".

Welcome to Our Family

October 26

Foster pounds Titans for first win in 4 weeks

Foster leads Texans to Franchise Win #200

By: Jordan Smith

Arian Foster helped the Houston Texans put an end to their three-game skid in time for a signature moment in franchise history. Foster ran for 151 yards and two touchdowns and also caught a pass for a score, and the Texans beat the Tennessee Titans 30-16 Sunday for a win in the franchise's 200th game. The Texans (4-4) finally got a win as Foster topped 100 yards rushing in his fourth straight game. J.J. Watt had two sacks and forced a fumble as the Texans beat the team they replaced in Houston for the fourth time in five games.

Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney played for the first time since hurting his knee in the season opener. Clowney finished with one tackle. Rookie Zach Mettenberger turned the ball over twice in his first start, and he also threw for 299 yards and two touchdowns. The Titans (2-6) go into their bye having lost two straight. The Texans had given up 24 points in a single quarter each of their past two losses. This time, they trailed only 3-0 early before scoring 27 straight points. They had no trouble throttling a Tennessee offense playing three rookies with left tackle Taylor Lewan and running back Bishop Sankey joining Mettenberger. D.J. Swearinger intercepted a Mettenberger pass in the second quarter to end the Titans' first drive into Houston territory, and Tim Jamison recovered the fumble after Watt sacked Mettenberger and popped the ball out to end Tennessee's first drive in the third quarter.

Houston led 13-3 at halftime, a lead that should have been much bigger. The Titans forced the Texans to settle for two field goals by Randy Bullock on drives inside the Tennessee 12, and Houston had first-and-goal at the Titans 2 when Fitzpatrick was sacked for the fourth time. Foster broke loose on a 34-yard TD where he cut back to his right and outraced the Titans to the pylon with 6:00 left in the first half to put Houston ahead to stay. He also caught a 5-yard TD pass, and he scored on a 1-yard run a play after he just missed on a 43-yard run in the third quarter. Bullock finished with three field goals, including a long of 49 yards.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt turned his offense over to Mettenberger, the sixth-round draft pick out of LSU, after the Titans had lost five of six with Jake Locker missing three of those with separate injuries. Mettenberger gave glimpses of his strong arm with a 48-yard toss to Kendall Wright and a 43-yarder to Nate Washington. The rookie had his first career TD pass on a 6-yarder to Delanie Walker.

The quarterback switch didn't fix Tennessee's other woes. The run game remains nonexistent. Three of the Titans' six penalties were on the offense, and not being flagged once in the second half counted as progress.

October 26

3 is the magic number

By: Jordan Smith

For the 3rd time in the 6 months that Houston Sports Beat has been in existance, the blog has reached 300 Unique Visitors in less than a month. We would like to Thank everyone who has come to the blog in the past 6 months and everyone who comes in the future. It's party time!

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