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Jordan Smith
December 19

MLB Playoffs need more Change: Part 3

The MLB Postseason needs more change, and fast
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

By: Jordan Smith

Thank You for reading this final post in the 3-Part Post Series of why MLB needs to change their playoffs. In this post, we will be discussing how the Ticket revenue of teams in the playoffs has affected Major League Baseball and its' growth. If you haven't read Parts 1 & 2 or just want to refresh yourself with what they discuss, click on the links below.

MLB Playoffs need more Change: Part 1MLB Playoffs need more Change: Part 2

A study was done on about the profit made by Ticket revenue for teams that made the playoffs in a 10 year span. The average for this list is thirteen games hosted and an APSR (Average PostSeason Revenue) average of $24,170,833.33. If each team is guaranteed at least one more home game, this would mean that each team would earn more money (Each team earns an average of $1,859,249.87 for their games during this span). On average, the revenue earned earned from ticket sales from each team would increase by a total of 7.69%. The chart below shows the different teams and their revenue during this span.

Avg. PostSeason Revenue from Ticket Sales (1999-2008)


# Games Hosted

APSR (Average PostSeason Revenue)




Red Sox






NY Mets



LA Angels




































White Sox



LA Dodgers





















Source of chart:

Facing the Giants. The Greatest Game Ever Played. Million Dollar Arm. What do all three of these amazing motion pictures have in common? All three are inspirational, underdog, come-from-behind successful sports stories that anyone can relate to. Just take a look at the 2005 Houston Astros, the 2013 Boston RedSox, and the 2014 Kansas City Royals. Three of the greatest sports stories in the 21st century. There are those Cinderella stories that never get told, though. Not only would Baseball gain more popularity, but more importantly, those untold Cinderella stories can finish their storybook ending, thus creating memories for fans and players around the world for the rest of their lives.

December 18

MLB Playoffs need more Change: Part 2

The MLB Postseason is far from being perfect
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

By: Jordan Smith

Here's part 2 of the 3-Part Post Series. In this post, we will be taking a look at the expert's opinion about expanding the playoffs. You will need to read Part One if you haven't already in order to understand this post. If you haven't read Part One yet or you just want to refresh your memory about what part one is about, click the link below.

MLB Playoffs need more Change: Part 1

Adding the number of playoff teams for Major League Baseball is key in expanding the sport and raising fan support, thus having each team in the Majors earning more money. The more the sport grows, the more money and fan support there will be. Maury Brown, with the Biz Of Baseball, agrees with this perspective, "After all, MLB has the fewest percentage of playoff teams, and if you're going to add more in, the one game, winner-moves-on, loser-goes-home format makes for more excitement. ...As is almost always the case, money is a large driver" ("Expanded"). Brown's opinion is correct because of the fact that baseball is America's National Past time and should be bigger. Plus, every company want to have more money in their pocket. Daniel Barbarisi and Matthew Futterman with the Washington Post asked a consultant to the MLB and sports economist about his opinion on the 3-Round format for the playoffs, "There is some dynamism here," Mr. Zimbalist said. "And it's going to bring more excitement to more cities and more teams and more fans" ("Baseball's"). This baseball traditionalist is explaining in this quote that he enjoys the fact that baseball is going unconventional with the standard of baseball and is shaking things up a bit.

Adding more teas to the postseason will definitely help teams as far as making a profit in the season and during the playoffs and will also expand the sport. Barbarisi and Futterman agree with this as found in a quote form Commissioner Bud Selig used in their article, "All these changes are about the growth of the sport," said MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, who announced the moves at the quarterly owners meetings here. "It's had 18 years of the greatest growth in its history." Mr. Selig said MLB revenue reached $7 Billion in 2011" ("Baseball's"). Both of the authors with this quote from the commissioner are explaining how all changes to the sport are for the better of Baseball. The fans are just as much a part of this as the players and organizations themselves. The fans come to not only enjoy a ball game on a Sunday afternoon, but to also come closer together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Camille Powell with The Washington Post, wrote a story about Eric Zimmerman, a partner at the Leesburg law firm of Price & Zimmerman, recalls his favorite childhood memories. "Some of Eric Zimmerman's fondest memories have come on the baseball diamond - memories from his childhood, when he played baseball for his father, and more recent memories, from coaching his children's baseball teams" ("The"). Zimmerman's memories of his childhood playing ball with his father are intangible things that only he can have. Later explained in the article, a partner of Zimmerman's explains how much of an impact Zimmerman has on the community, "His whole life revolves around his family, his community, his church and the great all-American pastime of baseball," said Steve Price, Zimmerman's partner in the law firm. "He is very highly thought of by everyone that knows him" ("The"). Eric has made baseball a way to live his life and bring his family together while remembering how it brought him and his parents together when he was a child.

Do you agree with the experts on this? Leave a comment below about what you think about the proposal so far and what you think about the experts take on this. Coming up tomorrow in the last post of the 3-Part Post Series, we will be taking a look at how ticket revenue in the playoffs has impacted the sport of baseball and how it can affect the sport in the future.


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-Brown, Maury. "Expanded Playoffs in MLB Needs to Wait Till 2013." The Biz of Baseball 10 Jan. 2012. General OneFile. Web. 26 Nov. 2014.

-Powell, Camille. "The Diamonds in this Father's Eyes; Family, Baseball Serve as Prevailing Passions." The Washington Post: 0. 21 Jun. 1998. ProQuest. Web. 1 Dec. 2014.

December 18

Part 2 coming in the next half hour!

Part 2 Coming Soon!

By: Jordan Smith

Don't forget that Part 2 of the 3-Part "MLB Playoffs need more Change" Post Series is coming within the next half hour!

December 18

Houston Sports Beat has a big announcement

Something big is happening to HSB

By: Jordan Smith & Houston Sports Beat

We have some exciting news from our headquarters here at Houston Sports Beat. On December 18th, 2014 Houston Sports Beat made history once again. For the first time since September 21st, 2014, HSB has been reinstated back to the Top 100 Blog in the World Ranking according to This is the 4th time since June 1st that HSB has been in the Top 100 Blog in the World Ranking. Everyone here can't Thank You, the reader, enough for coming to our blog. We couldn't have done it without you.

Also today on 11/18/14, HSB reached its' 2,500th Unique Visitor since starting the blog on May 17th, 2014. We absolutely have had a blast doing this blog and we can't wait to continue this success to the end of the year.

Now comes the biggest announcement of them all. It was posted earlier this month that Houston Sports Beat will be changing to Houston Astros Talk on January 1st, 2015. We felt like this was the time to change view points and go with something completely different. Well, we thought WRONG. So, starting January 1st, 2015, we will NOT be changing to Houston Astros Talk and we WILL BE STAYING as Houston Sports Beat. Our writer Jordan Smith put it best when he said this,

"Houston Astros Talk was my first blog. It has been and always will be my first home to the sports blogging world. But, Houston Sports Beat has changed the way I look at sports and at life. HSB has been the best blog I have written for to date. Yes, I will miss Houston Astros Talk and I will miss going back to my original home. But, Houston Sports Beat is my new home and I can't imagine leaving."

Houston Sports Beat is staying for 2015!!!!!!

So, with that, everyone here at Houston Sports Beat would just like to say Thank You for a wonderful 2014 and we can't wait to see what 2015 will bring us!

December 18

HSB 7 Months Old

HSB is 7 Months Old!

By: Jordan Smith

Yesterday, December 17th, 2014 was the 7 Month Anniversary of the start of Houston Sports Beat. From May 17th to December 17th, HSB has collected a total of 2,480 Unique Visitors in just 215 days. We would like to thank everyone who has come to the blog and who has continued to come to HSB. None of this would be possible without your help. Thank You!

December 17

MLB Playoffs need more Change: Part 1

It's time for baseball to upgrade their PostSeason
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

By: Jordan Smith

Facing the Giants. The Greatest Game Ever Played. Million Dollar Arm. What do these three have in common? All three are very inspirational come-from-behind underdog sports movies, with two being based off of true stories. In the past 14 years, there have been some amazing sports stories, especially in baseball. For example, the 2005 Houston Astros who after being proclaimed "dead" by the Houston Chronicle made it to the World Series that same year, or what about this year's Cinderella story team in the Kansas City Royals, who made it to the World Series out of nowhere. Of course, you can't forget about last year's champions, the Boston Red Sox. April 15th, 2013 was a horrific day for the city of Boston and for the USA. The Red Sox and David Ortiz took the pain and suffering of an entire city on their backs and Won the World Series later that year. But, what about all of those Cinderella stories that aren't finished the right way, or aren't even given a chance to start?

There has been a lot of talk about the current playoff format and how it has created more excitement since the additional wild card team was added. The addition of another wild card team to compete for a spot in the playoffs has generated more revenue for the clubs and Major League Baseball. But, for the other teams in the league that have a winning record that don't make the playoffs, it's a disappointment for the team. They should get as equal a chance as the other teams do that also have a winning record for a 162 game season. Here's what i'm proposing that Major League Baseball do with the Playoffs. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the new and politically correct way for baseball to expand the postseason.

This is what the playoffs should look like

This is what the MLB Postseason should look like. The Wild Card Game, or S1, is a one-game playoff if necessary. The 1st Round (S2-S5) is a 5-Game Series. The Divisional Round (S6 & S7) is a 7-Game Series. The Championship Series (S8) is a 7-Game Series. There are some spots, however that are determined by a couple of requirements. So, here's an explanation on this format and how exactly it works.

Obviously, the winners of each of the 3 divisions will claim a spot and home field advantage through the first round of the playoffs. Also, the 1st Place Wild Card team will claim a spot and home field advantage through the first round of the playoffs. Each slot for the postseason is determined by record. So, where it says "1st Place Division" & "2nd Place Division", the words in parenthesis is the placement of a team based on their record. To see what that looks like and how that will play itself out, look at the chart below to see how the AL playoff picture would of looked like for the 2014 Postseason.

2014 AL Playoff Picture Seeding according to this format


Team & Record

1st Place Division (Best Record)

LA Angels (98-64)

1st Place Division (2nd Best Record)

Baltimore Orioles (96-66)

1st Place Division (3rd Best Record)

Detroit Tigers (90-72)

2nd Place Division (Best Record)

Kansas City Royals (89-73)

2nd Place Division (2nd Best Record)

Oakland A's (88-74)

2nd Place Division (3rd Best Record)

NY Yankees (84-78)

1st Place Wild Card

Seattle Mariners (87-75)

2nd Place Wild Card

Cleveland Indians (85-77)

3rd Place Wild Card

Toronto Blue Jays (83-79)

To see what this looks like in a bracket, click here. Now, you might have noticed the 3rd Place Wild Card Team and the 2nd Place Division Team that make the playoffs. These teams only make the playoffs if they make certain requirements. They are below.

3rd Place Wild Card Qualification

1. Must have a Winning Record

2. Must be tied with the 2nd Place Wild Card team

*If 3rd place Wild Card team has a losing record, 2nd place Wild Card automatically qualifies for playoffs.

*If 3rd place Wild Card meets qualifications, one-game playoff between the 2nd & 3rd Place Wild Card teams day after the last day of season.

If there is a game between the 3rd place Wild Card and the 2nd Place Wild Card, the PostSeason will start 2 days after the the WC game. If no game is played, the PostSeason will start 2 days after the end of the Regular Season.

2nd Place Division Qualification

1. Must have a Winning Record

*If there's a division where there is only one team with a winning record (the Division Winner), then the 2nd Place Wild Card team takes their slot in the playoffs and 3rd Wild Card team automatically qualifies for the postseason.

Wanna hear what the experts say about this? Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of this 3-Part Post Series about why the MLB needs to change their postseason format to this one. Do you like the proposal so far? Leave a comment below about what you think about it.

December 17

Does Major League Baseball need to change the playoffs again?

Major League Baseball got their playoffs wrong

By: Jordan Smith

With all of the recent talk about a possible change to the NFL Playoffs being voted on and even some small talk about the NBA possibly making some changes to thier playoff format, it got me thinking. What about baseball? Yes, they just got a new playoff system with the wildcard game that decides who fills in the last spot of the postsesason picture. But, in my opinion, the MLB got it wrong with this new format. Well, sort of. Over the next 3 days, I will explain why I believe that Major League Baseball needs to change their playoff format and needs to do it now. Stay tuned to Houston Sports Beat for the first post in the 3-part post series explaining this entire proposal.

December 15

Astros sign SS to 3-Year deal

Jed Lowrie is once again a Houston Astro

By: Jordan Smith

The Houston Astros on Monday agreed to terms with SS Jed Lowrie. The deal is for 3 years that goes through 2017 with a club option for '18. Lowrie has spent the past two seasons in Oakland as the everyday shortstop. Before that, Jed was the Astros' everyday starting shortstop.

December 14

Is Tom Savage the answer?

Tom Savage is a "Diamond in the rough" in my opinion
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

By: Jordan Smith

Despite the loss to the now AFC South Champion Colts on Sunday, the Texans' Rookie QB showed alot of promise in his performance, especially for the situation that he was thrust into.

Coach Bill O'Brien definitely liked his performance on Sunday as he stated in the press conference after the game, "He made some decent throws, got us into the right play a couple of times and I was just pleased from what I saw on the sideline”. Coach also went on to compliment the young rookie's deep ball ability, “He throws a nice deep ball and those guys, Posey and Hopkins, made good plays for him,” O'Brien said, referring to Savage. “We've got to work on ball handling in practice some more. We work on it every day but he’ll get better with that. It’s the first time doing it in a regular season game but those are the type of things that we really got to clean up.”

Savage, however, wasn't as positive as his coach after the game, "Just got a lot to improve on, We lost and that’s the only thing that matters.” Savage completed 10-of-19 for 127 yards, one interception, and was sacked once. He entered the game in the second quarter after Ryan Fitzpatrick left the game with a leg injury. Tom Savage has his work cut out for him the rest of the season, as it looks like he will be the starter for the last two games of the season in which the Texans can still make the playoffs. Is Tom Savage the awnser? We can't awnser that question just yet. He still needs some more playing time. But, I can tell you this for sure, this 4th round pick has a big chip on his shoulder and is a fierce competitor. Get ready, Houston. This is gonna be a wild Christmas.

December 14

Breaking News: Fitzpatrick out for Season

Ryan Fitzpatrick is out for the rest of the 2014 Season

By: Jordan Smith

When Fitzpatrick went out in the 2nd quarter against the Colts, we knew that it might not of been a good diagnosis. Well, we now have that diagnosis, and it isn't good. Ryan Fitzpatrick is out for the rest of the season with a broken leg. Ryan ended his season with 95.9 QB Rating, throwing 2,453 yards with 17 TD and 8 INT on a 63.4 Completion %.

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